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October 23 2017



ok universe, i’m ready to feel good things. make me feel good things.

whenever i post this it works 
reblog if u want to feel good things & the universe will bring u something sweet 

October 04 2017



always remember that american schools are not concerned with truth but with americanization. if it were concerned with truth, it wouldn’t be still be teaching that abe lincoln was some kind of messiah who came to the rescue of black people. 


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During a conversation with my manager this morning, she mentioned that her manager– the district manager– had told her that “We want people who are passionate about our products. We don’t want people working here if they’re doing it for the money.”

To which the manager (internally, because she doesn’t want to be fired), went “you’ve got to be fucking shitting me.”

Here’s the thing: it is totally possible to do a job for the passion and not be obsessively thinking about the money every minute of every day. In fact, there have been economic studies regarding that very thing.

You know when it starts?

When the employee in question is making $50-75k per year.*

That’s the starting point of financial security. That’s the point when you’re fairly secure that you’re going to have rent, food, and basic living expenses covered. 

I’ve worked a lot of jobs over the years. A lot. I saw the same working as a freelancer– when I charged lower rates, my clients treated me like shit and acted like they were doing me a favor; when I charged more, they respected me as a professional. A newspaper that started out paying me above market wage also treated me very kindly, because they started with the assumption that I was a human being who needs to eat.

In my experience, the employers that insist that your job be your “passion” are also the ones that pay you nothing and treat you like garbage. It’s exactly like abusive people, who tell you that you would put up with their abuse if you “loved them enough”. It’s a way of convincing the victim that they’re responsible for their own mistreatment, which is absolutely fucked up.

Here’s my advice to you:

It is absolutely okay to take a job that doesn’t pay you what you deserve–  you’ve got to eat, after all. But don’t think for a second that you have a responsibility to that job. If you see something available that pays better and treats you better, take it and don’t look back. Don’t waste an ounce of sympathy for employers who try to convince you that passion is an acceptable substitute for survival. 

To spend money on some chips or not

It is the question

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The United Nations proposed a law condemning nations who sentence people in the LGBT community, among other minorities, to death. 

And the U.S. voted against it.

They refused to condemn countries who SENTENCE THE LGBT COMMUNITY TO DEATH!

The United Nations isn’t one of those gray areas. All of the laws and legislations are intentionally black and white. In this case, you either condemn killing the LGBT community for the sake of being gay/trans/etc. Or you don’t. 

There’s no middle ground. There’s no interpretation. There’s no reading into it. 

On October 3rd, 2017, the United States refused to condemn sentencing the LGBT Community to death. Which can only mean that they’re in favor of sentencing the LGBT Community to death. 

Holy fuck

I’m out. What country is taking me? I need asylum I’ve had enough.


had a nightmare last night, then overslept

i’m so tired of this bullshit. 


Favorite trope 348234: when person who nearly died wakes up in hospital bed, looks around, sees the object of their affection asleep in a chair next to them because they haven’t moved in days

so yesterday my cat puked on the carpet (thanks jelly belly :\) so after i disinfected the area yesterday i planed to use our steamcleaner (we got it for DE, bc we had a large water leak and needed to clean a lot of furniture after that)

so i have. but i’m just staring at the wastewater tank cause i don’t wanna deal with it. 

October 03 2017


god i wish lesbians in mainstream media werent so sexualized. like… wheres my dorky highschool gfs… wheres my uptight office lesbian and sloppy sweatpants lesbian who shows office lesbian the joys of eating raw cookie dough at 4am… wheres my rich and famous lesbian who falls in love with shy bookish lesbian… wheres my waitress gfs who work at competing restaurants… wheres my mutual pinning neighbor lesbians who barge into each-others’ houses uninvited… like not every sapphic couple is two Sexy Women With A Forbidden Passion… give me my fun and sweet sitcom lesbians

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The real puppet master.

Five Fucking Years


For five years I have been bullied physically, sexually, and mentally.

For five years I have been battling depression, anxiety, mild ptsd, panic attacks, and suicidal thoughts.

But that’s in the outside world. I came to the Internet, to tumblr and the fandom to get away from all of that, but instead?

I get five years being sent message upon message telling me that I should die, that I should kill myself, that I should be raped and abused, that I don’t deserve anything but a shallow puddle as my grave because of the characters I like, the characters I ship, and the shows and movies I like to watch.

For five years I have seen others get sent the exact same messages, for five years I’ve had to say goodbye to friends who leave this site because they can’t take the hate anymore, and for five years I have had no idea if they are still alive or not.

For five years I have tiptoed on my blog, afraid to set off anyone that I might upset enough to be told that I should kill myself.

And I Am Done. I Have Snapped.

I do not care if you like X character, or Y ship, I do not care if you hate X character or Y ship, but telling someone that doesn’t like or hate the same things as you to kill themselves, or that they deserve to be hurt, or that they are worthless is fucking disgusting.

You can have your discourse about why X ship/character is toxic or how Y ship/character is The Pinnacle of Perfection, but it stops being discourse and turns into abuse the moment you tell them they deserve to die.

I have wanted to kill myself Four Fucking Times because of messages like that that I have gotten for the five years.

I was 13 when it started.

I was thir-fucking-teen years olds when I was told to kill myself because I didn’t ship A with B but instead with C.

Do you have any idea what that does to a 13 year old?

You make them hate themselves, you make them hate what they love, you make them hate the thing they used to get away from the real world.

You took the love they had left and smashed it.

You have mentally abused them. You have made them feel less then they are.

And it has to fucking stop. Because now it has bled over to actors and directors and screen writers and authors.

Telling someone that they deserve to be hurt or that they have to kill themselves shouldn’t be used as some parlor trick to get one over on a person.

Next time you want to do something like that, first answer this question very fucking carefully:

Does a life and mental health of a real person matter less then my opinion on fictional characters?

And the answer better fucking be no.

For five years I have been fighting this, and I know I’m not the only one who had, or the only one who’s done with this shit.

Goddamnit no one, fucking no one deserves this mental abuse from people behind a screen just because they do or do not hate or like something.

And that’s fucking final.

Edit: apparently there’s a tag limit on posts. So here are tw tags: #rape mention, #suicide mention, #threat mention (send ask if I missed any)



Look at this wolf

OK now you can continue

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the fact that this was written two years ago and it’s still relevant… what does that tell you?




to everyone saying “it’s not a gun problem, it’s a mental illness problem”, keep in mind that mentally ill people are far more likely to be the victims of violent crime than the perpetrators

and more often than not discussions about the mental health of violent criminals is an attempt to abdicate them of responsibility for their acts of violence

white terrorists get called mentally ill to avoid accountability. actually mentally ill people of color get a lack of resources and police brutality


I need people to understand that the viral onion article that’s going around has been posted five times over the years, always verbatim except for the name of the city and number of dead.




The computer said my next patient’s name was Lucifer, and that he was a domestic. Not that an unusual name for a pet, I have to admit.

“Come on in. Do you have Lucifer hiding in that box for me?” I say. A gentleman dressed all in black with a rather spiky aesthetic and a selection of piercings comes into my consult room and opens the box.

He places a perfectly black rabbit on the table.

Honestly, I had been expecting a cat.

Turns out Lucifer is his new rabbit. He’d insisted on taking it from a friend who wasn’t taking care of it a few months ago.

Lucifer, for his part, had decided the table was too scary and that his dad’s leather clad armpit was the best place to be.

To my surprise and delight, our new goth rabbit owner is doing everything right. Perfect diet, read up on rabbit health, vaccinating, enrichment, the works.

He even started a vegetable garden to grow treats for the rabbit, or as he put it, “tributes for lucifer.”

I….. I love this …..

September 21 2017

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Adam Jensen is the mechanically augmented protagonist of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, where he works as the Chief of Security for the biotechnology company Sarif Industries, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, in which he joins forces with Task Force 29 aiming to hunt down and capture augmented terrorists.

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