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September 21 2017

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Adam Jensen is the mechanically augmented protagonist of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, where he works as the Chief of Security for the biotechnology company Sarif Industries, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, in which he joins forces with Task Force 29 aiming to hunt down and capture augmented terrorists.

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Little King, what are you wondering about ?

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writing is hard

I feel this in my soul

No one asked but:

For anyone who feels this, let your first sentence be crappy.

Building up momentum while writing is the easiest way to get the story flowing but you need to start somewhere. And the start might just have to be crappy.

Like, let your first sentence be “It was raining.” “He was unhappy.” “When he woke up, his head was hurting.” It’s easy to be hyper-critical of the first sentence you write and that can lead to typing and erasing for hours and giving up. Let it be bland and generic and dull just so you can get the ball rolling. 

Edit it later.

Write a place-holder first sentence (sentences, paragraph) that sucks, and then write the rest of the chapter, and then go back and fix that sentence last.

i’d like to add that those opening sentences aren’t actually ‘crappy’ at all, storytelling-wise. ‘it was raining’ sets a tone and states a fact, and allows for the placement of characters in relation to the rain. ‘he was unhappy’ is a fact that sets a hook and allows for expansion, giving the pov character a problem to deal with right off the bat—why is he unhappy? how are we gonna fix that? (or make it worse, but yknow.) ditto ‘when he woke up, his head was hurting‘—it stands to follow that, at some point, he’s going to get out of bed to fix that, or lie still and suffer and regret whatever made his head hurt.

so, second piece of writing advice:

  • start with a statement of fact

any fact, just pick one thing about the beginning of the story you wanna tell. if it gives the pov character a dilemma or trouble, all the better. it’s not the only way to start, but it’s simple and fairly concrete as a starting line.

definitely still give yourself permission to suck and rewrite later on, but if you just don’t know how to start, see if you can identify something about your story—where are we (location, time, in relation to some other event), what are we doing (verbs!), and/or what’s troubling us (pain, worry, discomfort, confusion, suspicion, etc.)—and slap it down.

This is a good addition thank you

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a conversation i saw on twitter about statues worth keeping reminded me of what is easily one of my favorites.

this is outside of the university of maryland’s student union building, a bench with a statue of one of UMd’s most universally beloved alumni, jim henson, conversing with kermit. people (usually incoming freshmen) will sit down next to them and have their picture taken. it’s one of the most pure and beautiful things on this earth.

September 20 2017

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Wing shawls by MissMonsterMel. (shop

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shark plush moodboard


I think people forget just how starved we writers are for feedback. Like every time someone tells me how much they liked my writing or how it touched them I do an internal breakdance while crying for five minutes straight. 



Do they ever say that Wall-e is a boy and Eve is a girl or did we all just get sucked into the void of heteronormativity

wall-e is my gay garbage daughter and eve is her electro-butch girlfriend


someone: why do you read so much soulmate shit it’s cheesy 

me internally: uhh probably because i’m obsessed with the idea of unconditional love and someone who won’t abandon me. the idea that i am destined for love and therefore inherently lovable means more to me than i can express with words, and compounded with the idea of someone who will love me forever, the concept of soulmates truly appeal to the (large) part of me that makes me feel that i’m going to die alone

me aloud: i just think it’s neat

put a "∞" in my ask box and I'll shuffle my itunes and give you my favorite lyric from the song that comes up.


what, with all due respect, the absolute fuck

September 19 2017



hi puerto rico is dead

IRMA JUST LEFT AND NOW MARIA IS ON HER WAY AND SHES GOING TO SLICE RIGHT THROUGH THE CENTER OF THE ISLAND AS A CAT3/4. We haven’t even gotten over the damages with irma yet and some people STILL dont have water or power and now we’re getting hit with something thats going to be even worse for us PLEASE PLEASE pray for puerto rico and the caribbean because this shit is serious

As of 9/18 Maria is now a CAT5.

If you are able, donating money is one of the most efficient ways to help in a time of crisis.

After a cursory search these are a few charities that are helping with hurricane relief and are highly rated on charity navigator. International Medical Corps, Direct Relief, Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago, Heart to Heart International, and Helping Hand for Relief and Development

Feel free to add more/let me know if some of the ones I listed are not using funds appropriately.

tainted-petals replied to your post “guess who’s on a ‘bland diet’ til their heartburn stopsssss”
Pills don’t help? Maybe carefully figure out triggers for it?

yeah, it was really bad last night, this is just for a day or two to give my throat time to recover. 

it’s mostly stress, tbh. if my depression flare up so does the heartburn.

guess who’s on a ‘bland diet’ til their heartburn stopsssss

September 18 2017

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a little dark, michaels, but i’m with ya

so i don’t use facebook that much, but been trying to like. keep in contact with what old friends are doing so i’ve been opening it lately, like maybe once a day, once every two days. 

my aunt has managed to find me. which is chill, i don’t have any beef with my aunts minus the whole ‘my grandfather has really divided this whole family into bits’ 

but boyhowdy do i not remember anyone’s last names. so i was like. ‘wait shit who is this. 

also fucking hell tomorrow I am getting a burger before class or a breakfast sandwich I am craving hot protein like no one’s business. 

that or after my mouth stops tasting sweet i’ll fry myself a grilled ham and cheese. or both if that doesn’t help



are you a matching pajamas lesbian or a sweatpants + t shirt lesbian?

or a boxers lesbian or a no pants lesbian

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