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May 23 2018

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how to fire an arrow when you’re a bird

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 i will reblog this as many times as it takes me to stop finding this funny

So for anyone curious: my personal day to day life is kinda going to hell atm depression wise

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This due to my idiot of a grandfather.

So. He has a long history of lying about his in laws when he lives with his children. This includes claiming my mom steals stuff, and now he is accusing my uncle of poisoning him.

My grandfather is not a nice man. So my aunt is trying to find a home for him, away from her and also thankfully, away from my family because my father is sick and unable to deal with his father.

However. We live in my grandfather’s home, and that is a long story of ‘they were going to buy it but my grandfather is a dick and then demanded they buy it after my father lost his job which was not going to happen’ and so. Well. You can assume.

We’ve been trying to move for years but between my grandfather and my father’s illness plus every other little disaster its been slow. And of course this comes when im trying to deal with my mental illnesses while i have good medicaid. Bc the adhd meds i am on are expensive and thankfully MD medicaid covers them.

We have a place to go, because this house has to be sold to cover my grandfather’s expenses, but, we don’t know when; which means my father might not be able to teach this fall, which is our only source of income atm, and since I have to help pack and clean, I’m unable to get a job.

This, honestly, is making existing or wanting to do anything really hard. Moving is rough, and well… a forced move by the rest of my dad’s family is worse then just finally leaving of my own accord, and idk it’s just come at the worst time.

I’m super depressed due to body image and not being able to go through with my plan of getting a job and saving money right now, plus leaving my home plus seeing my family so depressed too about this. plus, got out of classes recently so I have no escapism rn.

I’m kinda at my wits end.

Ask me my "TOP 5" anything!

May 22 2018






Reblog for a miracle to happen tonight




Reblogging for a miracle

May 21 2018

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Swords from nails are cute: for how-to reference, here’s a video.

And here are some more ex-nails.

This looks like something Terry would have given the Nac mac Feegle. (NB, must glow blue in the presence of lawyers…)

If you want something bigger, there are plenty of photos of handsome knives made from old US railroad spikes…

This one is so well-finished that it looks incomplete without a proper grip; of course a grip would conceal its origin. YMMV. Swings and roundabouts..

Not just knives…

There are even swords (with extra metal added, of course).

There’s an attractive Middle Earth Elvish look to these.

Man that first one is like swords for mice

A lot of intermediate-beginner blacksmith classes teach you how to make knives out of US railroad nails. It is a lot of fun but takes time and resources. Support your local blacksmith! Take classes!

May 20 2018

i’m exhausted.

i have to move but FUCK ME if i dont wish i could have a vacation…

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The tone and the absolute Nihilism of this video terrifies me beyond reason

he did that!


what is Blizzard even trying to create with Moira. this pretentious and diabolical genius scientist who is prim and proper and quotes Oscar Wilde but also loves anime, dresses up as David Bowie and dances like she’s at an anime con rave. who the fuck IS this woman

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May 19 2018


my favorite fanfic trope is two idiots pining for each other and literally everyone except them are aware of how deeply they are in love with each other

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For all the artists out there

Youre telling me I threw away 10 dollar markers FOR NOTHING

REBLOG to save a life and a wallet!

Plus copics are actually refillable and you can buy more colored ink online for pretty cheap!

So yeah dont throw out copics.


Never refill a Copic with regular isopropyl alcohol unless you have absolutely no other option.

Copic markers have their own ink refills to go with each marker,

They look like this and cost around the same price as a Copic Sketch maybe slightly more however they can be used to refill a marker several times

By using isopropyl alcohol what you’re doing, in fact, is diluting what little ink you have left in your make, therefore changing the shade of it.

Of course the one exception to this rule is the colourless blender 0 which is a marker that is full of regular isopropyl alcohol.

As a side note, DON’T throw away your marker if one/both of the is damaged

Copic also make replacement nibs for all of their markers

Which are much cheaper than buying a new marker as you get multiple in a pack.

Reblogging to save an artist. Copics are meant to be reusable and I know how hella expensive those things are. NEVER throw out your Copic markers!

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huggable boy!..


no offense but purposefully negative people are boring and draining as hell and not nearly as interesting as they think they are




Here’s the Etsy listing, if you’re a) getting married or b) just really into decorative shark kitsch like I am. 

May 18 2018

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~ The world is my oyster ~

May 16 2018









Industrial Workers of the World

Easier said than done

You got eleven dollars?  It’s as easy as eleven dollars.


If you ain’t got eleven dollars, talk to your local and they should be able to work something out. 

You can join the IWW even if you’re unemployed, and even if your labor is exploited in prison. When they say one big union for everyone, they really mean it

Subminimum dues for the Wobs are six bucks

Seriously, join the fucking IWW. Message your local on Facebook if you don’t know who to turn to. They’d love to have you and they’ll meet with you in person to talk about it and sign you up if you want. It can and will only lead to good things for you.

For real guys, I can’t recommend this enough. Join your local union.

I worked at a union job years ago. Best job I ever had. Fair pay–they’d negotiated us danger pay from minimum wage; full benefits (Canadian so we had health care anyways but they covered most of our prescriptions, and glasses, and dental work); got paid holidays starting at two weeks when you started (I think the first year was just the two weeks off, but after that it was paid, and increased regularly with seniority); regular pay bumps to keep up with inflation; sick days; PLUS when management were dicks they’d sort them out.

Like this one time, I had a machine that was cleaning some extremely dirty grain (our wheat was full of peas, which we didn’t handle, so our machines just dumped it as oversized garbage along with pieces of stalks etc), and had this really heavy sack (because it was a regular burlap sack but now it was full of fucking peas) that the peas were going into that usually would be emptied maybe twice a shift or so, and we had so many peas coming out that it was needing to be emptied like every ten minutes. And by the time you lugged this like eighty-pound bag of peas to the other side of the floor to dump, and then cleaned up the mess the machine dumped on the floor while you were doing that, it was damned near time to dump the peas again.

So it’s getting time for my lunch break (mandatory half hour, plus two coffee breaks, also mandatory), and there is no way in hell I can leave it; the peas will pile up high enough that there will be a fire risk from them rubbing against the machine.

So I call my supervisor and tell him my lunch is almost due, and he should either get someone to spell me off or else shut the machine down so I can have my break (which I desperately needed at that point, as you can imagine).

Well, they had a shitload of wheat to clean all the peas out of, and didn’t want to shut the machine down. So first he told me to let the machine just overflow and clean it up after; and when I told him that would likely start a fire with how many peas were coming out, he told me to “just take my break between emptying the sack.” Which, like, does not actually count as taking a fucking break from it.

So I called down to my union rep and told him what was up, he talked to the supervisor, and then him and the supervisor came and had a look at how many peas were coming out (so many that we were joking that the peas were contaminated with wheat), and then grabbed a couple of guys off sweeping to empty the bag while I ate.

And then put a second body on the floor to help handle all those peas because omfg.

Unions are the best. Remember that in the mid-Eighties, almost half of all jobs were unionized. It was Reagan catering to corporations that got all the workers’ rights that people quite literally had fought and died for almost a hundred years previously rolled right back.

Bring back the unions!!


learning to let go and learning to relax means just freaking sticking those stickers on something. stop worrying if it’s the right place. burn that nice candle you’ve had for a year. it doesn’t need a special occasion. I’m gonna use those fancy soaps I’ve been collecting in a drawer even though they look so pretty and it means I’ll use them up. everything is temporary so just enjoy the littlest pleasures you can possibly have we all need to just let go and enjoy things while they last. the sticker’s gonna look fine on your water bottle I promise

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