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February 08 2018

Perhaps we’ll meet again when we’re better for each other.
— Ten Word Poem #6  (via rumour)
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Fanmix Yourself/ Music Ask Meme


ok I’ve seen a few of these, and i didn’t really like some of the questions so i made my own (and used some I’ve seen)

  1. A song you never got sick of
  2. A song you’d kick ass to
  3. A song to drive to
  4. A song that gives you nostalgia
  5. A song that someone recommended to you that you like
  6. A guilty pleasure song
  7. A song you remember all the lyrics to
  8. An instrumental song you love
  9. A song in a foreign language
  10. A song by band that is no longer together
  11. A song by an artist/band member you might have a crush on
  12. A song from a genre that you don’t listen to
  13. A song that you relax to
  14. A song that you work to
  15. A song from a movie soundtrack
  16. A song that has a music video that you love
  17. A song you like from the 70’s/80’s
  18. A song you like from the 90’s 2000’s
  19. A song from an artist/ band you want people to know
  20. A song that you wanted to add but couldn’t otherwise/ A song you want people to listen to
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character for a character design swap with @glrevolution AH this was so fun….this is just a kinda messy full body but i drew a more detailed pic too (next post!!)

February 07 2018




…I feel personally attacked

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gay thoughts

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high quality expression references with varied facial types

Very useful! I love the range and how well lit these refs are. 


do you know how cute i would be if i had more money 

February 06 2018


“you’re a writer, right?”

Me, staring at the one sentence ive managed to add in the last hour: In theory

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commission for @snowyartemus

Rowlet and quality jiggles

Fun story: in maya if you don’t locate the jiggle to a certain part it jiggles all the body. Not in a cute way


Person A being very attentive and vigilant whilst helping Person B recover from an injury/illness that keeps B in and out of consciousness, with little memory of the whole traumatic ordeal. After B’s recovery, Person A never mentions their involvement, and Person B can’t figure out why A’s presence brings so much comfort.


Your OTP tightly embracing after narrowly surviving a perilous battle. As Person A pulls away, they find their hands soaked crimson with blood that isn’t theirs. Person B can only mutter an “oops” before leaning against a wall and sinking to the ground, finally realizing how much blood they lost.

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team ‘enemies to lovers’ or team ‘friends to lovers’?

February 05 2018

Searching in Streams For Oregon's Aquatic Mushroom


The article is from 2011, but it’s still really fascinating.

When Robert Coffan discovered psathyrella aquatica, he wasn’t looking for it. The professor waded into the Rogue River during a picnic with his family. Coffan spotted a tiny pale mushrooms growing out of the riverbed in the flowing water, and realized he was seeing something strange.

Coffan convinced a pair of mycologists at Southern Oregon University, Darlene Southworth and Jonathan Frank, to come take a look. Five years later, the team introduced Coffan’s  discovery to the world as a new species. Psytherella aquatica is the only species of true, gilled mushroom that grows underwater, though there are aquatic cup fungi. “It looks like something you could buy at Safeway and put on a pizza” Southworth says.

But getting the scientific community to accept a new species can be as challenging as collecting a mushroom growing underwater for the first time. At first glance, psathyrella aquatica looks identical to hundreds of known species of little brown mushroom that grow on land. Its genus, psathyrella, is a group of mushrooms famous for giving mycologists headaches and being difficult to tell apart. The mycologists compared samples of their underwater mushroom and its spores under a microscope to hundreds of dried specimens in the psathyrella genus. 

Now the mycologists are trying to understand how aquatica adapted to a life aquatic, and where exactly it lives. So far, they’ve only found two populations of the mushroom fruiting in a single mile stretch of the Rogue River, not far from Crater Lake National Park. 


Sable Able is one of the most underrated Animal Crossing characters yet the most interesting one

Sable is becoming my favorite AC character. There is something really intense about her.

First, she had to deal with their parents’ early death. As the older one, Sable had to play a dual role as a sister and mother for the younger ones. A pair of gloves for Mabel was the first thing she sewed in her life. Mabel was really cold, her tiny baby hands were freezing, and even though the gloves weren’t perfect they did their job and saved Mabel. And then there is all of the Labelle thing and don’t even get me started with the Tom Nook story.

Every time I look at her silently sewing in her corner I feel an enormous sympathy for her. There is something really melancholically beautiful about Sable. She has a simple life dedicated to dressing up the villagers, working from early in the morning to late in the night, and doesn’t complain. She’s happy like that. She’s happy as long as her little sisters are happy.

Most AC characters aren’t really deep or have long backstories. The story of the Able sisters and Sable’s are the most complete ones so far. I love Sable, I find her inspirational and she deserves love and a lot of respect.

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google keep seems to have been for like

genuine notes







reblog for noises

That sounds fake but okay

I started playing this while my old man Kozzie was eating (one of his favorite things to do) and tried to investigate where the baby was. I’ve never seen him look around so concerned and intrigued. It was adorable. 

Old Lady’s ears twitched, she shoved her head farther under my foot, and resumed snoring.

Charlie woke up from a dead sleep in the other room and launched himself onto the couch to find the kitten and started barking at my computer.

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