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Mmh. Five things that make me happy, courtesy of @thedemidiaries

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1. My friends!! god knows that the nerds I’ve met over the years on this site are basically what keeps me here, and I’m so glad to know a lot of wonderful people, on and off this site. (esp my best friend, who’s probably saved my life more times then i can count.)

2. My cat, Jellybean. He’s a bundle of trouble and joy, and a very tolerant cat lmao. 

3. Books. I love books a lot, my small library is a testament to that lmao. I kind of want to find a place to donate some too, or figure out how to set up a free book box, with books I don’t read anymore that are kind of eh to me now? because books can be hard to sell and really, I wouldn’t mind if people took em cause they wanted to instead of getting money for em. m

4. Writing and Art; they’re so intertwined for me laughs. But I do really love them, even though I’ve been struggling doing either lately. 

5. Pho. Laughs is it stupid that a soup makes it to this list? But it’s just. a really comforting food. And we usually go out and get it on special occasions, but it’s one of the few times I’ve completely done 360 on food. I’m… really picky, because I have a lot of texture/scent issues. And I was nervous I wouldn’t like pho when we first went out for it cause I usually hate soups (my dad made a lot of chicken and beef stew when i was a kid and it just, never did well with me lmao so soups are kind of. yikes!) and was meh, but the second time we did I really liked it! and now it’s my favourite food, cause it’s got like. nothing I struggle to eat in it, and yet isn’t super boring and the place we go is like one of the best in the DC area. My only bad experience is eating a pepper that I was not expecting to be so spicy, on a dare, and discovering that I can’t handle much caspian ( i got sick, to say the least.) god what a white person sounding thing right? completely sterotypical. it’s a shame cause I like spicy food but I really don’t wanna go through that again so I avoid a lot of really spicy peppers now. 

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