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June 23 2017

softly regrets making a post bc i was like ‘jfc my steam wishlist is absurd’ and wanted to just joke about being broke. 

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valve leave me alone

i’m broke enough

*when you follow and talk to ppl for months and don't know their damn name*


Put your name in the tags.

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Killing Floor FREE | Humble Store

Get Killing Floor for FREE in the Humble Store as we kick off the FPS Sale. Act fast — it’s only free for 48 hours!

June 22 2017

huh, guess the sale started while i was gone. fitting!

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These are fun

June 19 2017

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June 18 2017

Name three characters you think of when you think of me.


Museum date???? Coffee shop date???? Art gallery date???? Walk in the park date???? Late night walk date???? Nap time date???


really, genuinely loving this trend of replacing “reblog to make x mad” with “reblog to make y feel better”

its definitely good to make some people mad sometimes but i think by choosing this language we do a lot more to make using this website more positive and less stressful

The painful truth about teeth






“you want dental care? sell your soul.” -the USA government

I cannot even begin to say how crucial this is. Those of you that have dental care all your lives will never understand. In our court, we have at least 7 people that got addicted to opioids because a lack of dental care. That’s nearly 10% of our cases.

I didn’t get regular access to dental care until my 30s. I don’t even want to tell you the magnitude of basic, remedial, dental care I have had to have done. And I’m fucking lucky, and most of my teeth are in my mouth (I’ve lost a couple; one of them in a fight as a teen, and the rest needed to be pulled.) Most of the rest are in crowns, but I have them.

This is a systemic and real health crisis. Bad teeth can lead to chronic health issues, a reliance on opioids, and hell, tooth pain is horrid…


Since moving to the US 3 years ago I’ve had to spend roughly 10k in dental procedures to try and fix the chronic bone infection in my jaw. I’d have likely died without getting treatment, not to mention the paralyzing agony I was in for over 6 months when the infection went critical.

And I still have another 7-10k worth of correctional work to do in order to fix the mess left behind. My dental insurance? Allowed for up to 1k worth of treatment a year, which is what most dental insurances stretch to–and they still found reasons not to payout, while still charging me $100 a month for coverage because I didn’t qualify for a cheaper government plan.

The affordability of dental care in the US is an absolute crapshoot.

The reason my husband has dentures now, anything else to correct it was way too expensive and hell even dentures aren’t inexpensive. We are still paying off the carecredit from it, without CareCredit there would have been no way in hell we could have ever afforded it because like @thebibliosphere our dental only covers 1k in tooth removal a year. My husbands teeth were neglected in childhood and continued to be neglected until we became a bit more financially stable. At this point they were so bad the majority of them had to be surgically removed which is of course even more expensive than a normal pulling.

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I sure as hell can fuckin try.

June 17 2017

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Here’s a better look at the Lillie’s family campaign, released on June 17th, 2017.

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Orange roses

things that are fucking surreal - I’m somehow turning 20 in two weeks. 


someone, a fool: video games cause adhd

me, an intellectual: video games provide tactile and visual stimulation and are designed to have a balance between reward (for completing your goals) and challenge (in difficulty of the game) with music designed to motivate the player without being distracting. all of these components work together to create a positive feedback loop that adhd people are more likely to be engaged by and enjoy compared to longer tasks with relatively smaller payoff like chores or even something like maintaining the focus to complete long books and projects 




I may hate FPSs but Borderlands is a good fucking game and I will defend the whole goddamn franchise to my grave

Like…I don’t think you understand how much I love Borderlands. I may not post about it a lot, but those games are honestly some of the best, if not the best, games on the market today.

It has a shocking amount of diversity for its genre:

(The player characters for BDL1 including a black man, a woman, and a latino man.)

(The player characters for BDL2 including a bisexual man (which is shown in canon, not just confirmed by the devs), an asexual woman (who is also confirmed to be the leader), another latino man, a nonbinary person, a disabled girl genius, and Krieg.)

(The player characters for The Pre-Sequel including a disabled man, a robot, a lesbian woman (who ends up in a relationship with another woman by the end of the game), an older black woman, a millennial, and an Indian woman.)

(And I’m also including Ellie in here because she’s a fat woman who is confident in herself and isn’t made into a joke and you get to kill a bunch of people who try to make fun of her)

…and doesn’t fall into the trap of being “gritty” and “realistic” by making a bleak, beige landscape. While the world of Pandora is a hellhole, it looks honestly awesome. 

It’s colorful and vibrant, with amazing characters and it’s hilarious, but doesn’t shy away from darker moments. (Spoilers in links) 

It’s a masterpiece of gaming and everything a game could and should be.

I love everything about this post. Most of all I love Tim being described as ‘a millenial’.

June 16 2017

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Google has built a stunning, searchable archive of 3,000 years of world fashion


“We Wear Culture” is a collaboration between Google and more than 180 museums, schools, fashion institutions, and other organizations from all parts of the globe. It’s part of Google’s Arts & Culture platform, which is digitizing the world’s cultural treasures, and functions as a searchable guide to a collective archive of some 30,000 fashion pieces that puts “three millennia of fashion at your fingertips,” Google says.

But it isn’t just a database. Google has worked with curators to create more than 450 exhibits on different topics—say, how the cheongsam changed the way Chinese women dress—making the site an endlessly entertaining, educational portal filled with stunning imagery touching on everything from modern Japanese streetwear to the clothes worn at the court of Versailles.

i can already tell this has made writing for historical fandoms – the worst part of which, for me, is absofuckinglutely hands-down the clothing – much easier. 

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